DGI 2018

January 22-January 24, 2018

Royal Lancaster London

44 (0) 207 368 9836

Robert B. Murrett

Former Director

8:30 AM Chairman: New Developments in Global Geopolitics that Will Impact the Way Geospatial Intelligence is Used in Operations Next

In his now legendary opening address, Vice Admiral (ret’d) Murrett will share the latest research and thinking around geopolitical change, region by region, and the impact these will have on operational requirements for geospatial intelligence. One of the annual can’t miss  sessions at DGI.

10:00 AM Panel Discussion – Rethinking How Agencies, Nations and Industry can Collaborate to Predict and Prevent Threats in an Increasingly Contested World

Discover what senior military leaders from nations and Alliances believe to be the most important obstacles to overcome in the drive to improve collaboration as they share ever more geospatial intelligence. This is a rare chance to gain a deeper understanding of how geospatial intelligence will make a difference in future operations from those in charge.

  • What is causing threats to become more unpredictable?
  • Where is geospatial intelligence currently making a measurable difference to mission outcomes around the world?
  • How can geospatial intelligence help to prevent terrorism in the future as it becomes increasingly harder to predict?
  • What can Alliances, nations and industry do differently in the future to optimise the collaboration on geospatial intelligence?

4:50 PM Chairman: 10 Top Priorities for Geospatial Intelligence Professionals to Focus on Until Next Year