DGI 2021

01 - 03 February, 2021

Intercontinental London – The O2

44 (0) 207 368 9836

Why we Sponsor DGI

Mapbox is an open source mapping platform for custom designed maps

We spoke to Anthony Calamito, Government & Aerospace Solutions Executive at Mapbox, to see why they sponsor DGI.

Who: Mapbox

Where: DGI

When: January 2019

What: Exhibition Stand and Speaker Presentation

Benefits: Excellent way to get ahead of competitors and showcase products making the brand instantly recognizable. The speaking opportunity helped to shape the agenda and influenced the discussions of the day

It is our third year at DGI. We came back for the ability to break in to the earth-in and non US defense markets. One of the reasons we enjoy this sponsorship is for the ability to speak on stage. That's a key core component for us. We always leverage the booth spaces as much as possible, but the speaking is the big thing for us.

Our speaking session went very well, it was a good speaking experience and we’ve had a lot of foot traffic. A lot of people have come up and said, "I saw Anthony speak yesterday, I wanted to learn more about XY and Z" It was very engaging; exactly what we wanted. His talk was super engaging and in turn led to a ton of foot traffic here for us.


We would absolutely recommend DGI to colleagues and other companies. It’s a perfect opportunity to break into the market. It’s a great opportunity if you want to target this type of audience; this is the perfect place to do it. DGI has been running for several years, you’ve got a down pat now. It's run very well. I think the other thing that you do that’s interesting is you make it a point to engage the attendees especially the VIP’s with the sponsors.

We had two meetings today, and we have one tomorrow. So we appreciate the engagement between the VIPs and sponsors. Again, it’s very well run.

We certainly look forward to speaking again. Certainly look forward to engaging in a little bit more. Mapbox typically hosts a party every year, so working with the DGI team to help promote that party. I'd love to have a little bit more engagement with this fantastic audience.

DGI is vital to us as a company I think it’s very important for us to grow our business beyond our typical customer service, which is the US federal government. We measure the success of an event in lead generation and we’ve already got quite a bit but there are also ways for us to expand brand awareness or brand recognition and introduce ourselves to new markets that we hadn’t before. It’s beyond just leads for our business, we’re at least getting the name out and expanding the brand awareness.


If you’d like to join Mapbox at DGI 2020 then get in touch and find out more about how you can get involved.