DGI 2019

28 - 30 January, 2019

Royal Lancaster London

44 (0) 207 368 9836

Marlene Meyer

Deputy National Geospatial Officer, Joint GEOMETOC Support Center
Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization

2:00 PM How Greenland will be Remapped as Part of a Major Collaboration between Multiple Nations and Agencies to Support Regional Security and Trade

Greenland is the world largest Island and the ice free areas is ten times the area of Denmark. To re-map this area entirely is an enormous project and only made possible through the cofounding between Danish Defense and the Danish civil mapping agency. Production of topographic vector data is carried out within the Nordic participation in the US lead military mapping project MGCP. 
Find out about the challenges, ambition and scope of the project directly from the owner.
Ms. Meyer has held senior positions across a range of national and governmental mapping and more recently military geospatial organisations in Denmark and is a world renowned expert in the global mapping community.

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