Why we Sponsor DGI

Viasat is on a mission to connect the world. A global broadband services and technology company, Viasat designs, integrates and delivers secure, high-performance satellite and wireless services coupled with powerful ground station equipment and infrastructure. They have over 150 commercial remote sensing antennas across the globe, more than any other major manufacturer.

We spoke to Andrew Eccles from Viasat to see why they sponsor DGI.

Who: Viasat

Where: DGI

When: January 2020

Benefits: Attention grabbing, opportunities to showcase products and services & getting a leading edge on the competition


We have sponsored at DGI before, the reason to come back and sponsor again is because it is great opportunity for us to network with both suppliers and customers within the defence and government geospatial intelligence field, it has and will continue to be a great way for us to expand our business in the market.

The quality of delegates have been really great, we have been able to approach the right people that we have intended to, allowing us to promote what we have to offer, and answer their questions.

We have been here primarily to generate awareness, develop new content, to follow up and explore new opportunities and to grow the business.


The event app has been really useful for us, it has made it easy for us to get to know who is attending, and where the delegates are at different times throughout the conference. Which has been great because it has gave us the ability to go out there, see what they have to say in the sessions and speaker panels.

It’s brilliant see what our customers and government partners are thinking, and then meet them. That also serves as a good conversation starter afterwards when we approach them separately and have a sidebar meeting, overall is has been a really useful and valuable experience for us.

As always DGI has been really well-organized, we had such great support with setting up our booth and getting ready for the start of the exhibition, it seemed the whole team knew exactly what they were doing, and generally I would say it has been a really positive turn out.

I would definitely recommend DGI to anybody that's interested in national defence, Geospatial Intelligence in the western world sphere of influence, and want to network and grow their business.

DGI has gone above our expectations, it has been a very positive experience for us, and we will be sponsoring again next year.

If you’d like to join Viasat at DGI 2021 then get in touch and find out more about how you can get involved.