Why we Sponsor DGI

Mapbox is an open source mapping platform for custom designed maps

We spoke to Rebecca Woener from Mapbox to see why they sponsor DGI

Who: Mapbox

Where: DGI

When: January 2020

What: Exhibition Stand and Speaker Presentation

Benefits: Attention grabbing, opportunities to showcase products and services & getting a leading edge on the competition


This is not our first time sponsoring at DGI, the reason we came back is because we find that we always make a lot of great contacts at DGI. The quality of delegates have been fantastic again this year, up to our expectation.

The overall objective for being here is for networking and demand awareness, and everyone who we have spoken to so far has been great, we have had some really valuable conversations.

We had a speaking opportunity that went really well, and the overall setup has been great.


What’s been so valuable is making connections with governments outside of the USA, with Europe, EMEA and APAC, that has created great opportunity for us.

DGI has and will continue to become a usual event for us to attend.

If you’d like to join Mapbox at DGI 2021 then get in touch and find out more about how you can get involved.